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Sommets 2019 Image

June 4th, 2019

We’re very proud to unveil the poster and trailer of our 2019 edition designed by Martine Frossard. The artists explains her concept:

"For the 2019 edition of the Sommets du cinéma d’animation, I brought to life a Woman-Mountain. The furrowing nature covering her with a thick coat, the Woman fades and becomes one with nature. A tribute to the power of ‘Mother Nature’ and the resilience of our ecosystems."

Martine Frossard is a French Canadian artist (born in Strasbourg, France and living in Montreal, Canada) whose work is centered on illustration, animation, and installation. Presented in several festivals and galleries in Canada, United States, and Europe, her work explores the quest for identity and the way in which individuality gets fragmented and reinvented across time and experience. Going beyond illustration, she uses video animation as a medium to animate the metamorphoses of her characters’ identities.