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Les pieds en haut : Lou

22 min
Direction Martine Asselin, Annick Daigneault
Production N/aUNLTD VR
Distribution Hubblo Immersion
Canada - Quebec2023French
Les pieds en haut : Lou
Autism is at once fascinating, challenging, and inspiring. Although this distinct neurological condition includes a set of common characteristics, there are as many different ways to be autistic as there are autistic people – hence the spectrum. Our main character, Lou, is based on stories and experiences shared by autistic people and inspired by the children of both directors. You will witness firsthand a few days in the life of this charming and vulnerable individual, from a children's birthday party to his first day of high school. Lou does everything he can to adapt to a neurotypical world. During this metaphorical and playful virtual reality experience, the interactivity is lived by taking possession of Lou’s body. Through his sensitivity and specific interests, you will experience fascination, sensory overload, and nervous breakdown. You will need to use unique coping mechanisms, as some autistic people do.