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Raman Djafari, Maestro of the flamboyant music video

2024-05-10 15:00:00
90 min
Salle Fernand-Seguin
Raman Djafari, Maestro of the flamboyant music video
Berlin-based Raman Djafari has directed astounding music videos for artists from around the world such as Elton John, Dua Lipa and Ashnikko. They unveil his work in this public conversation moderated by the Québec filmmaker and animator Vivien Forsans.
This discussion will be held in English.

Presented Music Videos
FJAAK - Snow
The music video for the song "Snow" by the Berlin based techno group FJAAK tells the story of a character following an inner calling. He meets his companion and she takes him on a spiritual journey of partnership, love, pain, destruction, growth and rebirth. Through this journey we experience a fragmented narrative shaped by surreal sceneries and anthropomorphic transformations.

FJAAK - I Could Never Live Without You By My Side
The music video for the song "I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT YOU BY MY SIDE" by the Berlin based techno group FJAAK tells the story of one night in a Berlin techno club. Two lovers go on a drug induced trip with a fatal ending. During this trip they meander through different surreal spaces of their shared past and their distorted memories of those events.

Lucky Chops - Traveler
The music video for “Traveler” starts in a small forgotten village, a place that feels like it was left in the attic. It’s a place in stasis, where it’s hot and moist, so that the cloths stick to the body. Everything and everyone is waiting, staring, sinking into the ground. And then there’s a march, a start to an unknown adventure, a daring call by an unheard chant. Both are truths of a shivering dream. Where do they go, the ones that leave? What happens to the ones that stay? For now there’s only the beautiful uncertainty of a choice.

Squid - Pamphlets
The video for Pamphlets is a meditation on the feeling of being unfit, unlovable, not compatible and the manic anxiety and stress that this results in. Also, it is about the emergence from that state of mind through the embrace of uncertainty, insecurity and difference.

Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart
Four friends on a surreal disco night-out follow Elton John and Dua Lipa into a fantastical universe.

DJ Piper - RIP TXL
Five friends, growing up in Berlin Spandau, experience the surreality of adolescence, with all its magic, emotion and adventure.

Ashnikko - Worms
Ashnikko in a monster truck and a squad of devilish beasts ride towards the sunset to battle the angelic overlord robots.

Presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

Squid - PamphletsLucky Chops - TravelerFJAAK - SnowFJAAK - I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT YOU BY MY SIDEAshnikko - WormsDJ PIPER - RIP TXL