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The Sommets' WIP

2024-05-08 13:00:00
90 min
Salle Fernand-Seguin
The Sommets' WIP
As part of their "WIP" (Work in Progress) section, the Sommets present one highly anticipated project in the presence of the artists and producer: Space Cadet by Eric San (Kid Koala), produced by Ginette Petit (Films Outsiders).
Presenters : Lillian Chan, Production Designer, and Corinne Merrell, Artistic Director of Space Cadet.

ROBOT existed to serve only one purpose: to raise Celeste into the happy, brilliant scientist she is today. But now the young Space Cadet is departing for her first interstellar mission, and Robot is left alone without anyone to care for. Time passes and loneliness weighs on him affecting his aging technological structure. In space, Celeste faces a more difficult mission than expected. A dangerous obstacle jeopardizes her mission. As she searches for a way out of trouble, memories of her childhood resurface.

SPACE CADET is an inspiring musical fable about memory, aging and destiny, reminding us that sometimes our memories hold the key to a serene and happy life.